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The site is perfect: location, transportation links, ambiance and neighborhood are just right. Direct access to the subway and express train network as well as ideal connections to automotive routes offer fast links in all directions.

Such gems have become rare in Vienna. Therefore, Raiffeisen evolution has decided to start an ambitious commercial project and commissioned the renowned architectural firm Neumann+Partner for planning. The result is more space and freedom of design with more practical details for the property’s future users.

The design comprises two building structures, complementing each other ideally through their differences. At the same time it offers much free space and open areas without impacting the spaciousness of usable floor space. The larger but lower of the two buildings – SQUARE1 – represents contemporary international office architecture and matches the height of the building of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences across the street. Together with SQUARE2 - the other, higher building which is a landmark on its own – both shape a wide passage to the Heiligenstadt railroad station.
In front of the property there is a plaza which provides barrier-free access to the railroad station and perfects the overall appearance of the ensemble.